The CPA Taster Workshop is ideally suited for those who are well skilled in their chosen field, but have no idea of what to do next. How do you identify and then ultimately present yourself to potential clients? How do you get seen in a very competitive market? And how do you make this skill pay? This first workshop and key step will look at, Facing Reality: Perfect Life Vs Personal Goals.

10am - 12pm


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The CPA intensive Workshop includes your own CPA Workbook and is for those ready to advance to the next level in their careers. It delves into the 5 effective steps toward building a personal brand that will grab the attention of your potential clients and make you stand out in the marketplace. Topics included will be:

  • Facing Reality: Perfect Life Vs Personal Goals
  • Personal Branding: Your Brand Promise
  • Business Confidence: Knowing Your Worth
  • Intentional Networking: Making the Right Connections
  • Grasping Opportunities: When to Say Yes

COST: £55.00 pp

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CPA ONLINE is for those ready to advance to the next level in their careers but who don't have the time or opportunity to attend one of our workshops in person.


These one-on-one sessions are for those who prefer to work in private to put together a personal strategy for their next steps toward achieving their perfect life, including:

  • Initial 2-hour consultation to go through CPA Stage 1 Perfect Life Vs Personal Goals and to map out a suitable career path,
  • A further 3 x 2 Hour Sessions to go through CPA Stage 2, 3, 4, and 5 (to be scheduled according to diary)
  • CPA Workbook

COST: £395.00 pp

For Booking, Email info@creativeplatformacademy.com


Whether you’re an established university or a local community training school, the Creative Platform Academy would be happy to come to your venue and take your students either through the fully interactive CPA Taster Workshop or we can plan in a suitable schedule to offer the full CPA Intensive with Workbook.

Alternatively, we can also offer group packages for the CPA Online option so that all of your members/students can go through the full CPA program with easy access from the comfort of their own homes.

For Booking & Cost Information, Email info@creativeplatformacademy.com


The CPA Clinics are for those who have already gone through the entire CPA course but want to talk more about next steps in terms of how to approach their specific career, the progress they've made thus far and to brainstorm any new ideas or obstacles. These events are for small groups of no more than 8 people and run for 4 hours and can be booked as follows:

Group Sessions (Saturdays, 10am - 6pm): £75.00 per person

Private Sessions (Date/Time by arrangement): £245.00 per person

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From time to time, we will be inviting all of the CPA Alumni - everyone who has gone through CPA through any of the various streams, whether as a university student, a private one-on-one client, or through one of our partner companies, for a day of networking, sharing updates on personal growth and career development and special guest speakers.

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Join us for our 'Soiree' events that feature various independent artists from all streams, so whether you feel like a bit of comedy, an art gallery, a live band, a robust new play or even a bit of opera, you can expect to find it all at some point throughout the year at the Soiree events.


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